All I want to do is drink beer and train like an animal.
- Rod Dixon

I'm feeling rough. I'm feeling raw. I'm in the prime of my life.

Props: TWSS - Most Amazing Race Weekend

The Baltimore area running society know as Team That's What She Said that purportedly represents the Falls Road Running store, bringing it an equal measure of pride and shame with our knock-out race results and questionable (often under the influence) behavior and comments, had an UNHEARD OF weekend of racing. Check this out:

Frederick Half Marathon:
Adam Sierakowksi, 1st (1:17:20)
Mike Zero, 9thM (1:25:54)
Emily Brown, 2:00:41
Frederick Marathon:
David Ploskonka, 3:11:49
Jennifer Rachel Koshy, 3:53:39 (first marathon!)
Celiac 5k:
Ryan Schmidt, 3rd
Broad Street Ten Miler:
Kipchirchir, 6th (50:04)
Chris Nowakowski, 17th (51:12)
Matt Cornwell aka Spree, 54:41
Sean McCarthy, 55:39
Justin Gerbereux, 56:19
Ryan McGrath, 58:12
Terence Baptiste, 58:28
Kris Simms, 1:00:11
Tom Stott, 1:00:11
Steph Snyder, 1:05:41
Rodney Taylor, 1:05:48
Sara Spears, 1:28:14
Eve Sweeney, 1:31:03
Devilman Sprint Tri:
Eric Benjamin
Sick - absolutely nuts. A lot of these times were PR's. This week the team is gearing up for Arjun's birthday on Friday which should be a BIG weekend of drinking. At least one person will probably end up in jail.

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