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Sunday - 04/23/06 - Road Race Report

And so continues my series of reports on one of the greatest/craziest weekends of my life...

Men's D Road Race

I woke up in the hotel at 7:00 am for my 9:30 am race. I just remember thinking
"this isn't good"

After we finally loaded our car up and started driving over I was informed that the road race was being held about 45 min away from our hotel.
"this isn't good either"
Once we show up I quickly register, kit up, get the bike ready, tool around a little bit and then line up for the start.

The race was 5 laps around a 3.3 mile loop. As I did in the road race I tried to stay near the front and push the pace. There were a few small hills on the course (yes, in Illinois). My legs were just dead on the hills - I was hardly moving. I got dropped hard on every hill. I could still pick up the pace enough to catch back up and work my way up to the front but then I would start the whole thing all over again.

On the third lap I finally got dropped and couldn't catch back up. I realized that I was totally out of the points now. I had noticed that morning my leg was starting to collect more fluid. I had came here to score points. Now that was out of the question and I didn't have any training to test there wasn't really any point in hurting myself.

So on the end of the 3rd lap I pulled over to the officials table and scratched my self.


I wheeled over to Dan, Arjun, Sparky and Casey and told them the deal.

I started.
I tried.
No regrets.

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