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Saturday - 04/21/07 - Sheboygan Men's C Road Race

Shebogan Men's C Road Race

The Sheboygan guys picked a great course for their road race. The 10 mile loop included a rolling and winding forest section as well as two good sized power climbs. The climbs were hard enough to shell some guys off the back but not enough to cause a break. So in that sense the race was pretty boring - the usual sit in and sprint 30 mile C's race.

UW had a big group of guys representing including some quality guys I haven't seen all season like Max, Todd, Mama D. and Chase.

On the 2nd loop we were heading through a particularly rocky and bumpy stretch of road and the Chase warned me that my waterbottle in my downtube cage was bouncing all over the place and looking like it was about to fly out. So I put it in my jersey pocket. I could hear my cage bolts rattling just a little bit. Annoying but manageable - mechanical #1.

As we headed to the finish the pace began to pick up. The pack got tight as we start to ramp up for the uphill finish, Less than a mile to the finish - BAM - I hit a pothole no one called out and my handle bars rotate about 30 degrees down - about as much as they can with me still being able to gram the hoods - mechanical #2.

I try and pull them back up. That doesn't work to see if everything looked ok. After a few seconds I decided that this sucked but was ridable. I look up.

There's a break.

In the 5 sec I was checking out my bike they front guys had started their sprint.


I crank it up and start to chase pulling the rest of the pack with me. Some people passed me on the climb and I passed some people from the group that sprinted out. All in all it was a wash. I won't lie I was pretty pissy. Losing spots because of a mechanical is very frustrating.

I had been having trouble with my shifting during the race. IT had been a little slow and it had been making some awful noises as well. As I'm rolling into the parking lot where the team is camped out I look down and see that my little chainring is bent.

'Are you kidding me?'

When I finally get off my bike I notice that my chainring isn't bent - I'm missing 2 of my 5 chainring bolts and the 3rd is about to go. They had rattled off during the race - Mechanical #3.


I guess I'm lucky I didn't lose a leg to a flying chainring - or worse, ruin my bike. :) I got over it and I guess I placed pretty well considering my bike troubles. I had 2 races the next day to make up for it...

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