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Sunday - 04/15/07 - GDC #1 Cat 5 Race Report

Great Dane Crit #1
Men's Cat 5
20 min
3rd place

Raced the GDC #1 today with Comer and Zac. I felt pretty confident that I would do better than my last USCF race at Wheels on Willy a year ago where I got the distinction of DFL and should have been pulled.

We met early at Einstein's ate some food and the rode out to research park. The weather was great, the course was smooth and fast, Eaon was there with the Start Village - a perfect day for a race.

The pace was manageable for my fitness right now. I had to do a few hard (but probably ultimately unnecessary) surges to bridge which left me beat but the pace was such that I could recover in the shelter of the field. I chased a couple of breaks down but generally was concerned about being ready for the finish so I drafted and tried to conserve my energy.

The sprint was easy as far as sprints go. Coming off the 2nd to last turn no one was attacking (that's 5's for you) so I hesitated a bit and then cranked it. No one held my wheel and I won the uphill field sprint to take 3rd.

After the race a couple of teammates who were racing later in the day who saw my race were complimenting me on how strong I looked. I even got some swag; 2 hats, a nike short and about 7 Cliff Shots. I gave the clothes away to the team but I kept the gels.

I was really happy with today and I'm starting to think about training to cat up soon...

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