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Sunday - 04/22/07 - GDC #2 Men's 5

Great Dane Crit #2
Men's 5
18th in 29

After I spent some time talking to my firends who had come to watch making sure to thank them for coming out. I was great to see all of them! Then I headed back over Willy van to have Rich look over my recently crashed bike. Golden boy aparently made a graceful landing of it because there was little damage.

Then I made sure to wish all my teammates luck who were about to race, loaded up my stuff and made a very slow (mostly uphill) ride across town to Reserch Park. I registered and talk it up with Eaon at the start village (who checked out the carbon on my fork - good to go) and a guy from Illinois Tech and a guy from UIC who were both in my C's race and were also doing this one.

The race was fairly uneventful. I put a lot of time in at the front and got a good workout in. A few guys broke off the front and we couldn't pull them in. There were some attacks but nothing else serious. It was just a 20 min crit so I tried to stay aggressive. There was a decent cross wind so I practiced drafting and moving around the pack. I felt I had the legs to sprint but not the cardio to stick a break. I lead the field out for the finish and struggled on the climb so I finished fairly far back in the standings. But I was glad to be able to hang and get a little training and experiance in.

All in all a great weeknd of racing.

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