All I want to do is drink beer and train like an animal.
- Rod Dixon

I'm feeling rough. I'm feeling raw. I'm in the prime of my life.

Week of 06/25/07

Rest Week - taking things a little easy to recover.

30 min run

Took a nice short run through the Cold Springs area.


Was going to go for a late night run but my contacts were bugging me too much. Kinda pissed but a little rest never hurts.

2 hr ride with tank

Today I was all pumped to get my ass kicked by the Wednesday night LSV group ride. Well aside from showing up 10 min late because I forgot my house keys at the office, Tank and I showed up to the wrong place...whoops. Well we still had a good ride and got some hard efforts in. It's really encouraging to just get out that and push yourself a little - just a taste and you want to be able to do more. I'm expecting some big things out of myself by the end of the summer but I can't get greedy with my training. The heat index today was 105 and even though we rode in the evening after 6 it still took a lot of the spark out of our legs. Preparing for the next day's effort is becoming an increasing priority.


30 min run

Just took it nice and easy up and down Charles St. again. If I get a recovery spin in tomorrow I think can get ~8 hours in this week which is not too much of a dive in training but still low enough to recover a bit. I was feeling yesterday's workout a bit as I should be.

My contacts are really bugging me and I still haven't found a way to stretch yet - I'm way too gross to do anything but immediately jump in the shower when I get back and I've usually put running off till the last minute before bed so I don't want to do it before. Maybe I'll just start stretching at work.

I have no idea how I'll do on my race Saturday.

75 min ride

Just did a little out and back on Falls Road. I felt just ok. I hit some fast segments just for fun - I'm starting to regain some confidence cornering at high speeds. I went of for a beer with some people from work and didn't get to bed till 2am.

Dreaded Druid Hills 10k
16th in 569
2nd in AG

Beer. Thai food. 4 hours of sleep.

A winning combination.

As I shuffled from my bed the next morning I wasn't feeling great but then I sealed the deal with two bowls of bran flakes with whole milk. Looking back at the whole thing it was the 2nd bowl that pushed me over the edge.

The Dreaded Druid Hills 10k was my first 10k since the FLW 10k I ran freshman year of high school. I only ran the 10k because I was mad late for the 5k. I didn't know how long a 10k was and had to ask someone around the 2 mile mark. I ran something dreadful like 54 min.

The race was about a mile from my house and it was an easy roll there on my bike. By the time I locked my stuff, registered and hit up the port-a-john (thai food) it was time to line up with no warmup and only the stretching I'd done in the bathroom line.


The race got out pretty slow for a race of 500+ people. I hit the mile at about 6:05 and was sitting about 5th and about 50m back from 1st. That was the last split I got. I'm guessing there were other mile markers but I didn't see them.

I wasn't feeling the greatest at this point and backed off a little bit. I started to feel some waves of nausea and things really started to fall apart after the 2nd mile. I really wanted to puke and was just trotting around. One of the leaders, a guy racing for the Falls Road team pulled out a little after the 2 with a bit of a limp and I *really* wanted to join him.

Then things really started to tank. As we hit the 'dreaded' hills (not actually that bad) I actually had to WALK a few steps. The people who were passing me now were wearing T-shirts, listening to ipods and long shorts and...

I even got girl-ed.

Now this was just rock bottom. I was just putting one foot in front of the other at this point and debating if I should just pull over and put my fingers down my throat.

Finally, a little before mile 4 at the turn around of the hilly section I started feeling better and decided there was NO WAY I was losing to a woman.

Perhaps this bears a little bit of explanation. Women are on average at least 10% slower than men at distances up to the marathon in term of correlating places by gender with time. In ultramarathons women actually have an advantage over men with their slighter build. It's a personal benchmark that can easily be misconstrued but I haven't lost to a women in years.

To be fair, this is not how I like to race. I like to focus on my body, my competition, the course, my strategy. However I was in desperate straits and needed to dig deep for something.

So as we passed turn around I come out tearing and started passing the people like shit through a goose. I passed 1st woman and put almost a minute on her by the finish. Pushing hard and nearing the finish I asked the guy next to me what time we were at. At first he just ignored me, and then he said jJust keep running'.

I was furious.

I put in a huge surge on him and even looked back a few times to admire the space I'd put on him. I was really feeling decent at this point and could finally push myself by the finish. I came in just under 40 min and in 16th place. I had somehow held 6:23 mile pace and held down my cookies at the same time.

I met some cool people after the race and all in all it was pretty good race - in hind sight. At the time I was pretty pissed off but I did well considering.

Waiting to really break out on the scene again...

1 hr run

A little sore but not to bad. Got moving pretty good, probably faster than yesterday.

6 hours

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