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Geek Out: Lube Up These Nuts...with Dznuts

[Edit: For those of you who don't ride - chamois cream (said "shammy") is a cream you put in your tights where you "sit" (read: butt and junk). It reduces bacteria and prevents chaffing. ]

Now I don't uses chamois cream when I ride because I'm 1) cheap and 2) think it's kinda odd. But a new product being launched exactly 2 weeks from today could change my mind. Meet Dznuts. Apparenly, Dave Zabriskie is a fan (and by the way I'm certainly a fan of the wicked 'stash he's rocking these days - check out the videos on the Dznuts website).

But is the combination of a hilarious name and a sleek brand image enough to make me smear it on my sac? Probably not. I can't get past the fact that "high viscosity chamois cream" is still just a euphemism for "really thick ball lube". And I'm cheap.

(Thanks to Really Old Kris for the email)

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  1. Anonymous5:01 PM

    You cannot imagine how hard I am laughing right now.

    I <3 Assos Chamois cream.

    Best for endurance events ... slather that stuff on!