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Sick Race: Chasing Skirts?

Rich Shinsako found this national race series that's sure to be a hit. Really, it sounds pretty close our usual run agenda. Highlights:
  • Women start 3 min before the men (skirts are provided with race entry)
  • Men chase "the skirts" and try and make up the difference
  • Afterparty with pizza and vodka RedBulls

Weaving through a crowd of women would be pretty annoying but running 5k's can get pretty old so I'm glad to see something different popping up on the scene. Sadly, there's nothing coming to the Baltimore area anytime soon though (surprise).

It's always interesting to watch when sports try to "level the playing field" to allow for men vs. women's sports. I think there has been at least one disastrous/hilarious/interesting example of this in every sport (Golf, NBA, NASCAR,Tennis and Triathlon immediately come to mind).

I found a webpage with some interesting data along those lines (though I don't agree with all the conclusions). For comparison I made a simple table of the percent difference between some times that would "tie" under the skirt chaser format. Notice the percent difference increases as the times get faster. This makes sense as a 3 minute gap is a larger chuck of the race when the race time is shorter.

Male Time Female Time % Difference
14:00 17:00 21%
15:00 18:00 20%
16:00 19:00 19%
17:00 20:00 18%
18:00 21:00 17%

Comparing with the 14.6% percent difference calculated by the webpage above at the world record level and you can see the times might seem a little unfair against the men. But I think they're probably about right since 1) in my experiance more men seem more willing to train hard in a post-collegiate environment than women and 2) women have won 2 of the 3 Skirt Chaser races this year.

In the end though it's all good fun - pizza and beer can mend any hard feelings when you lose to your girlfriend.

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