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Geek Out: I need a Reason To Need This

I'm going out for my 7th try at purchasing a iPhone tomorrow. I was killing a little time at work hunting around for some cool accessories in anticipation of my lifeline to the internet when I came across the OtterBox Armor Series.
OtterBox Armor Series

Suddenly all the ideas about the wastefulness of our consumerist society that I was nodding along to during the Leonardo di Caprio documentary The 11th Hour I watched on the plane back from England a few days ago were gone as my body was filled with the spirit of consumption like John Belushi in gospel church scene in Blues Brothers. I see the light!

Check it the product description:

Armor Series: Ready for any adventure no matter what Mother Nature brings! This fully rugged line of interactive cases safeguards from rain, dust, dirt, drops and other mishaps. Ideal for active lifestyles, the Armor series protects devices so you can take your technology virtually anywhere, rain or shine!

The OtterBox for Apple iPhone Armor Series: To use the phone functionality through the case, OtterBox recommends using the Apple Stereo Headset included with your iPhone or any compatible Bluetooth headset.

Want to listen to music? The OtterBox for iPhone Armor Series accommodates any style headphones with a standard mini stereo plug (1/8”), no adapter required. The external headphone jack also supports the Apple Stereo Headset control button for phone and music applications.

Price: $69.95

Oh how I want it. But I don't just want it. I want to NEED it. I want to live a lifestyle where I am for some reason scuba diving or riding in my dune buggy and it is ESSENTIAL that I have not just a communication tool but an actual iPHONE with me at all times. So much so that I can just shrug at the $70 price tag. I mean I've lost count of how many phones I've already dropped while rock climbing or soaked while kayaking. I want to slowly rise out of the water covered in mud in the middle of the night under an underpass like a Navy SEAL recruitment commercial, lift my iPhone and ask "Can you hear me now?"

I know...but it would have been cool.

Maybe I'll just get a BlueTooth headset instead so I can further indulge my habit of walking around and talking to myself under a more acceptable guise.

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  1. Alex - that was one of the most amazing things that I have read ever. Good luck getting your iPhone ! Ian posting this from mine! :D