All I want to do is drink beer and train like an animal.
- Rod Dixon

I'm feeling rough. I'm feeling raw. I'm in the prime of my life.

Odds and Ends: New on the Blogshpere

I have been motivated to start blogging more actively with the launch of a few new blogs as well as some interesting posts on some older blogs I have in my reader. Here are some hot new blogs my friends have started up:

  • Alyssa by Alyssa - A new member of the TWSS running collective. She's all about marathons, tris, ULTRAS (it was only a matter of time before our team acquired one of these rare creatures), abbreviations and day drinking. She also wicked funny.
  • Ben's Boston Blog by Ben - Ben is a TWSS member who started a blog about a month ago to chronicle his preparation for his first(?) Boston Marathon. Ben's a sub 2:40 marathon guy so reading about his prep should include some pretty epic workouts. Also Ben posts his thoughts and reflections on running and I have to say his blog seems to have the most research going on in terms of citing books, coaches, world records. I enjoy.
  • I Like Bikes by Matt - Matt is a friend of mine and an old Wisconsin teammate who works for The Great Trek Bicycle Making Corporation back in Madison (props to Bike Snob on the joke - I use it constantly). Matt is a successful MTB racer (as is his GF) who's also into photography. Look for lots of photos on his site (Including some ones of Alberto Contador).
Check them out. Comment. Subscribe.

Speaking of which my subscription has grow to 7! Up 3 from the summer. Well I certainly owe these intelligent and no doubt handsome people some more content.  I've pissed away quite enough time at work for today but here's some future posts I have been kicking around in my head you'll be seeing soon:

  • New Bike! That's right after 4.5 years of trusty riding and racing in 8 states and the district it think it's finally time to decommission GoldenBoy99 from my main road rig into a long-distance commuter. I imagine I'll do most of my winter training on BG99 but I've already started greedily prowling eBay trying to tuck back my carboner (carbon fiber attraction ... get it?) as I dream of building up a bike made in this millennium. Yes, the 99 refers to the year GB was assembled - 1999. And yes, I plan to buy and build my bike up piece by piece in order to save money, learn more bike maintenance skills and save some cash. Expect to see a wish list soon.
  • Aikido. I love Aikido. I started less than 3 months ago and I'm hooked. I probably go 5 times a week for about 10 hours total. I've been punched, thrown, smacked, and attacked with knives and swords (both wooden). It's been awesome! Expect some posts on this.
  • Training and Racing. With my compartment syndrome inexplicably rearing it's ugly head again I've turned my focus completely to cycling this year in terms of racing. Last year I was mainly trying to get my bearings in the sport but this year I'm coming full force to grab some podium spots and a Cat3 upgrade.
  • PICS! I have a camera on my iPhone which is permanently attached to my hand. I really should take advantage of this to post more pics of things I do like this weekend's HOF3: Executive Fury. I still haven't found a GREAT way to do this but I should poke around some more.
  • Facelift. There are more than a couple of things on the blog that need touching up but I haven't gotten around to yet. Colors, widths, the blogroll. Basically stuff that requires me playing around with the CSS. Maybe I'll look at this over Thanksgiving Break.
Thanks For Reading!
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  1. I like it! And I definitely need to hear about the Aikido adventures. did we live in 326 or 327? my aging memory eludes me

    Keep up the great blog! I should scan those pictures of when you decided it would be a great idea to walk everywhere barefoot and send them to you, remind me, maybe I'll do that this weekend.