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- Rod Dixon

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SOTW: Sufjan Stevens - Chicago

I hope everyone enjoyed our first weekend of spring weather. I was out and about and spent a lot of time kicking it with old friends from high school. One of the guys I even know from all the way back to kindergarten! That's 19 years!

So in honor of old friends from my hometown as well as the warm spring weather this week's SOTW offering is a song called Chicago by Sufjan Stevens off his 2005 release Illinois. The album is the 2nd in what is ostensibly a 50-album project Sufjan claims (with varying degrees of seriousness) will consist of an album for each state.

It's an intersting idea but I doubt that anyone could a good enough grasp of the zietgiest of all 50 state to write an album about each. At leasst not a sincere, thoughtful album like Sufjan's first two albums. Still, I think he should keep it up as long as he's producing quality material like this.

I hope you enjoy it.

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