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Fat People As A Movement: United Charges Passangers Traveling "In Bulk"

From an email I got at work from our travel agency:
United Airlines to Charge Obese Passengers Double on Full Flights
United Airlines will require obese passengers bumped from full flights to purchase two seats on a subsequent flight, matching the policy of some other carriers. The change brings United in line with eight other airlines including Continental, Delta, JetBlue and Southwest. Under the new policy, obese passengers, defined as unable to lower the arm rest and buckle a seat belt with one extension belt, will still be re-accommodated, at no extra charge, to two empty seats if there is space available. If, however, the plane is full, they will be bumped from the flight and may have to purchase a second ticket, at the same price as the original fare. If the bumped passenger chooses to cancel the trip, the ticket will be refunded with no additional charge. The policy is effective immediately
Cool. But I just want them to treat my light skinny little bike like everyone else's overstuffed 45 lbs bags...

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  1. Damn straight - it will cost as much to fly my bike as it will cost me to fly to Arizona later this year.

    Also, are you really a fan of Susan Boyle or just making of of everyone else for being one?