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Odds and Ends: Buzz Is OK

Google's Buzz is an unsightly conglomeration of social networking platforms with a user interface that looks like an alpha release from the 90s. Their decision to  automatically connect you to your top 40 contacts was a fiasco and the company's first big blunder. Nonetheless connecting everyone to their contacts did produce instant social networks which can have awesome results. I was about to turn Buzz off when the following conversation happened which bought it a couple more months of use. We're all such bad people.

Feb 26 AV: Just convinced a girl I'm going to mars because I'm astronomer. I feel like Barney Stinson. #HIMYM

Feb 26 CB: I convinced a girl (erin where are you?) on my kickball team after our first game that I was the drummer for the plain white tees. (I chose that band because our uni's were white)

Feb 26 MM: Dating myself a bit but I convinced girls in college I was a stunt/body double for Eminem and was in most of his videos. Bleach blond hair and blue eyes made it pretty easy. The cups of Natty ICE in the girls' hands helped too.

Feb 26 AV: You had bleach blonde hair?

Feb 26 JK: My sister convinced some fools in college she was Osama bin Laden's daughter and she was in the USA hiding.

Feb 26 AV: That's TERRIBLE. While we're on the subject I once convinced a girl you can tell an orange is ripe by rolling it. I didn't tell her what to look for, just that you should roll it. She would do this in public. I also convinced a different girl that the chinese invented the question mark.

Feb 26 CB: Invented the question mark? Are you Dr. Evil's father?!

Feb 26 AV: I'll admit it's not original but it still worked. It was better because we were in the Asian wing of the Art Institute in Chicago.

Feb 26 MM: You can tell if an egg is hard boiled by spinning it.

Feb 26 EA: i'm michael jackson.

Feb 26 JH: You can tell if an egg is hard boiled by throwing it at a wall.

Feb 27 MM: Throw anything at a wall. If it sticks, it's done.

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  1. By the title of this, I thought you were talking about Buzz Williams, head coach at Marquette: