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Race Report: Fulton Cat4/5 Road Race

Saturday, May 29th
Race #9
Fulton Cat 4/5 Road Race

The Fulton road race was the end of my May training cycling. And after not being able to get my nose in the sprint in my last two crits I was looking forward to a long hilly road race with an uphill finish to help sort things out and end the month on a good note.

I was not disappointed.

The race itself wasn't too eventful. We went up hills. We went down hills. Repeat. There was a bit of organization from some teams during some of the attacks/chases but in typical cat4/5 fashion the brakes mostly came back on their own. On the last lap I was expecting an attack on the hills. We rode them aggressively but no one jumped off so things were set up for a field sprint.

Coming into the last 1k there was maybe 1/2 of the 71 starters still together. Having lost a little position on the last climb I was sitting about 15th-20th and boxed in by the yellow line. I was still in this position and chomping at the bit with 300m to go when the road opened up for the uphill finish and there was already a rider off the front going for the early sprint. The field was giving chase along the right side of the road but hadn't started sprinting yet. I worked my way up and 200m to go and the line in sight I knew it was time for me to go. I got all the way on the left of the road, took the safety off, and fired.

I must have caught the pelaton napping or covering each other because I didn't see anyone respond and I was able to jump clear. The rider who had gone early was running out of steam fast and I passed him about 20m from the line. I crossed the line in disbelief but in 1st place for the 3rd time this year.

Since it wasn't a USA Cycling sanctioned race I got no upgrade points (otherwise I would have gotten 10 and gotten my upgrade) but I did take home $80 in cash.

Seems like things are really rolling now and my goal of getting my Cat3 upgrade is within reach! Big thanks to Dr. K and Tank for tons of coaching, racing advice and general encouragement this year.

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