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Monday - 04/17/06 - Coolest Little Kid EVER

So I still haven't quite recovered from my surgery yet. Even though it'll be a month this Friday I'll won't be cleared to swim/bike till maybe this Thursday Morning - No Regionals :-( Boooo

BUT, I had an errand to run this morning, I'm broke and gots no car. So nuts to the Dr. - I rode my bike. It should have only taken about 20-30 min tops but Google maps knows when you're in a hurry and it will MAKE UP STREET NAMES. Don't say I didn't warn you.

So about an hour later I was working my way home and get sick of fighting traffic on Park street so I cut onto the bike path just south of the arb bridge. I'm about 400m from the arb bridge and suddenly I hear still sticks scuttling and cracking on the sidewalk on the other side of the street.

Shit - Dog. Last thing I need.

So I look over my should to see if this is an "oh-shit" dog, a "yell-at-em" dog or an "are-you-a-squirrel-I'll-step
-on-you" dog - and it's a kid.

It's this little kid, maybe 4 or 5 years old with one of those giant little helmets ridding his two wheeler and just tearing out of his garage. I smile and think "that's cute", you know a little kid actually getting out and exercising and not playing video games - good for him. I glance back at the bike path to check where I'm going and then take a closer look at the kid.

I noticed that his ass was up out of his saddle, he was leaning over his handle bars, his little legs were a blur and he kept glancing over at me from across the street. Wait a minute...


I was totally on Shorty's turf and he was throwing down on me in his little kid fixed-gear. I think my jaw hit my handlebars. I mean Lance Jr.'s wheel over here was the size of my chain ring and he was almost pulling even with me. I don't know if this kid's nuts had dropped yet but they are going to be HUGE.

And so you know how when you're a little kid moms is always like "don't ride past the corner". So after a house or two we get to the corner and Shorty has to ease up. And you can tell he's bummed cuz he wants to keep racing, so he looks me right in the eye - and pops a wheely at me. Not like a fullout wheely or anything but give the kid a break he was in diapers a year ago. He pops like a little-kid 2 inch wheely and he's totally thinking "punk - DAMN mom, I HAD him"

I think he woulda flipped me off if he'd known what that was.

I was to stunned to do anything but pop a wheely back at him (also little-kid 2 inch wheely) and go on my way.

So yeah - that kid was a bad-ass. We need to get him a jersey.

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