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Saturday - 04/15/06 - Complications

So I returned to the Dr's this week in hopes of being able to start swimming and biking again. I had already dropped out of my triathlon at the end of the month but with about 2 weeks till the Midwest Collegiate Cycling Regional championships I was hopping I could get to the point where I could do a D's race.

Sadly, it was not to be.

I was still retaining fluid under the incision in my left leg. Dr. Turnipseed took at look at it and told me that if the nurse practitioner drew 10 cc's or less (down from last weeks 20 cc's) that I could start non-impact exercise again (swimming, biking).

I'll spare you the details of having fluid drained but lets just say it involves large needles and uncomfortable sucking and filling sensations inside your body. They drew 23 cc's.


So, instead of being able to train and get ready for my first cycling race I instead got a "boot" - a 4 layer soft cast for my leg that should control the swelling by not allowing the leg any room to expand and accommodate fluid buildup. But I can't exercise till it comes off in a week. Or shower.

Damn again.

I should also mention that I am the only person the nurse practitioner has ever met that finds the after effects of having fluid drained to be intensely painful. I mean wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-and-find-the-bottle-of-painkillers-from-your-surgery-and-take-two painful. For about 2 days.

Damn damn damn.

While I'm complaining, and since I can't train I haven't got much else to do, I should point out that warm weather has finally reached the frigid state of Wisconsin. It's gotten as nice as high 70's here the last week and I can't run swim or bike.

Is this a joke?

But I guess it's all a small sacrifice so I can run again. But being inactive so long has left me itching to get back out there again. I can wait to get back on the scene and finally make my make.

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  1. At least you finally have an excuse for not showering ever. That's pretty cool.