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Tuesday - 04/04/06 - Lydocane and Delays

Today I went into the Dr.'s office for a followup appointment. As I had feared I was retaining fluid under both my incisions and need to have them both "drained". "Draining" is such a pleasant word though - it's misleading

So first I was injected in both legs with lydocane to numb them up. Surgery has made me realize that anestesia is one of the great marvels of medice for me. I really find it incredible that there are ways to turn off your senses. Tangent.

So once they had me numbed up they took a large bore needle and stuck it into both legs and pulled out 10cc and 20cc of light red liquid. Then they wrapped me up extra tight in ACE wraps and I was told to wear them for another week and pretty tight to prevent any room for the fluid to recollect. You see, as the nurse told me, since I apparently have a tendancy to collect fluid this will probably happen again and they will have to repeat this next week.

So they said no non-impact exercises and certainly no running till at least my next appointment. So in light of that I think I'm going to have to drop out of both of my upcoming races. *sigh* Not being able to work out AT ALL is killing me. I have si much free time now but my days feel so empty.

As I left the dr.'s office the Lydacane began to wear off and I would spent the rest of the day on pain killers trying to ignore the shooting pains in both legs.

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