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Thursday - 04/20/06 - TTT Practice

23 mile Ride
Team Time Trial Practice

Today the men's D Team Time Trial team held their first and last practice before regionals. Skyler Lynn, Matt Miller and myself had never met each other before. That's one of the things I like about this team. Even though none of us had ever met each other or knew anything about each others athletic ability we are still teammates. We were still willing to bet on each other and race together. I feel like there's lot of that on this team - it's a beautiful thing.

TTTing is a difficult dance. Everyone wants to jump off and attack when they get to the front but everything has to stay smooth the whole way and everyone needs to stay close. The last thing you want to do is open a gap and then have to slow down. At first we were pretty sketchball. But by the end we were getting pretty fluid, and since we're racing in the D category I don't think we have to be too worried.

I think our two biggest weaknesses are turns and pace. We're going to be racing on a 9 mile "L" this weekend so we'll have two 90 degree turns and a "U" turn. Turns are key places to lose time. We all have to take the same line or we'll slow down too much and lose time shuffling back into formation after the turn. Our other weakness is that we didn't really discuss pace too much. Since U of I is flat (20 ft of elevation change over the whole course) we're going to have some major winds that are really going to shift our pacing around. We have to agree how fast we're going to go beforehand so we can stick that pace and not spread out.

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