All I want to do is drink beer and train like an animal.
- Rod Dixon

I'm feeling rough. I'm feeling raw. I'm in the prime of my life.

Wednesday - 04/19/06 - If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...

60 min Ride
16.2 mph (avg)
16 miles

Big news. Last night I decided I'm going to race at MWCCC Regionals this weekend. I'm really want to get a cycling race in this year. On top of that I'm digging the cycling team and want to help them try and upset IU for the regional title. Last but not least it's at U of I so I'll have some friends (maybe family) out there. I'm excited!

I was debating whether or not to go out today but I felt 98% after yesterday so I went. It was mostly an easy effort but I picked it up in few places just to see where I was physically.

I've always felt to most important factor in successful racing isn't just the physical condition you're in but your awareness of your own physical condition. Because I've got almost no training backing me up the key this weekend for me will be staying right on the edge of my lactic threshold till the last few minutes.

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