All I want to do is drink beer and train like an animal.
- Rod Dixon

I'm feeling rough. I'm feeling raw. I'm in the prime of my life.

Friday - 06/09/06 - An Epic Day

2 hr hr 40 min ride (40 miles)
8 min run
22 min swim
40 min run
30 min stretch

I worked out for 3 hrs and 50 min today and I feel great. I started with a 2 hr ride with Kelli. Then I hung out in the parking lot where in front of Jess's job for a while b/c I was trying to catch her on her way out to ride back in town with her but I eventually gave up on that. When I got back home Speer had just gotten a new wetsuit and wanted to go for a swim. So I ate some food and ran over to Wingra and we swam for 22 min. Then he mopeded me back to my place and we ran for 40 min.

Buy the end of the run my shins were hurting but it was a pretty long run so I'm not worried about it.

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