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Saturday - 07/01/06 - Mighty Wolf Race Report

Somehow, I woke up at 5:15 am and Kelli Hayes was going to be at my place between 5:15 and 5:20. Amazingly I was out the door in 8 min and didn't forget anything.

Once we got to Winniconne and took care of the registering and painting I realized I had forgotten to change the brake pads for my 808's. So then I spent a good 20 min figuring that out. In the process I ran into Eric Dier from the cycling team who was doing the intermediate race (super sprint).

When my transition zone was finally all set up Kelly and I went out for a few miles on our bikes to warm up. After that I jogged around a little and did a few strides. As we were called to the meeting I put on my body glide, got in my wetsuits and practiced some starts and exits in the water.

Finally satisfied I stood around for a few minutes and waited for my start.

The intermediate course was a 400 yrd swim, 15 mile ride and 3 mile run.

I didn't have to wait long, I started in the 2nd wave, 14-21 year olds. I got in the water alright and managed to pull ahead without getting kicked or punched. Next challange, weave through the old folks' wave in front of me.

I was the first one out of the water from my wave and I'm pretty sure I passed everyone from the wave ahead of me. I was really swimming much more agressively in terms of effort than in my last race.

I come out of the water at 4:23 and started the long run to my transition area.

T1 went much better that at Verona as well. I'd learned from my mistakes. My helmut and glasses went on without a hitch. My wetsuit came off 90% problem free (glad I wore one). I got to the mount line in 2:24 (6:47 total). Clipped in right away and off I went on my sexy 808's

I'll be honest, I didn't notice that much of a difference. But there was a difference, they're a gentle humming the 808's make that's just makes you feel like you're flying.

The ride felt great. There was a little bit of tightness in my ass and I had to sit up a little bit, but I shrugged it off. I was the 4th peron off of the bike (not counting the wave stagger).

I crossed the line in 36:07 (42:54 overall) having held 25 mph for 15 miles without aerobars (need to get a set of those).

I was close, *so* close to breaking an hour. I knew I wouldn't make it, but I was going to have a great race. Honestly, I could have gone 1:01, 1:02 for sure.

And then I couldn't stand.

As I got off the bike I couldn't stand up all the way. My upper hamstring under my ass was completely cramped up and I could barely walk.

I was in my running shoes in seconds and ready to head out on to the course well ahead of those who had gotten off the bike ahead of me.

But I tried to jog out of T2 and I couldn't. I started walking. I tired to jog again and I couldn't. I had to sit down to stretch out. I was sitting on the ground during what was supposed to be the strongest part of my race - I couldn't believe this was happening to me.

Finally after a few minutes I could get up and jog a little. Suddenly horrible stomache cramps hit me. I couldn't breath and I could hear water gluggin around inside of me. My pace was easy but I couldn't spead up with getting cramps again.

This continued for 2 miles.

Finally at mile 2 I was ok and picked it up a little. I went 22:37 for the run and T2. I finished in 1:05:32, 15th in 100 and 4th in my age group (just outside of the medals).

I was not happy.

I tried to take in in stride (and I think I did). But I don't make the sacrifices I make, put in the work I do, to end up sitting in the transition zone cramped out beyond belief.

Last time I skimp on my stretching.

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