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- Rod Dixon

I'm feeling rough. I'm feeling raw. I'm in the prime of my life.

Wednesday - 06/28/06 - Guru's

2X [10 min swim + 20 min ride]

Today in class we did 2 sets of a swim/ride brick complete with a T2. It was really good to practice getting in and out of the wetsuit.

I felt really tired today and kinda dogged the 2nd set. On the 1st set my ass felt really tight and hurt a lot.

Afterwards, I talked to Tim and told him I was feeling burned out - mentally as well as physically. He suggested that I make sure to balance my hard and easy days because they payoff from hard days only comes from taking easy days in between. Also, he told me to do something I enjoy everyday to relax (piano).

While this is all good advice It's more a problem of time and balance. Tim also suggested that I plan out my schedule which is something I had been before school started but since then started just doing whatever I had time for. I thin some more planning will help me. I also need to realize I can't do the same workouts on days when I have class and homework as I did when I wasn't in school.

That evening I went to go see my physical therapist, Jenny Kempf, over at the UW runner's clinic. Most of the visit was spent video taping me on a treadmill from different angles and then reviewing my mechanics with me.

Here are the highlights of her suggestions.

~ Overall my mechanics are good. I have good control of my hips, knees, ankles and feet.

~ I could stand to shorten my stride and use more extension behind me. Jenny assured me that there is no increased risk of injuring myself by trying to adjust my stride to 180 steps/min. It was good to hear this because I'm a very cerebral runner but I worry about "fiddling" with my mechanics too much as opposed to letting my body find it's natural rhythm.

~ There are a few bounding drills I could work on in order to increase my knee control on impact that could help reduce lateral stress on my shins.

~ Jenny suggested I use shoes that fall somewhere in the high end of stability and the low end of control. She recommended the Asics 2110 and the Mizuno Wave Rider.

~ She also suggested drills that work the muscles used for side to side movement because these are neglected by my training on the bike and running which is so focused on moving forward.

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  1. Alex, this PT sounds like the best I have ever heard of. Really did mean it when we saw--you look really strong on your feet. Hope tri class keeps going great. Good luck with all this training and stay healthy! Jen Lachowiec