All I want to do is drink beer and train like an animal.
- Rod Dixon

I'm feeling rough. I'm feeling raw. I'm in the prime of my life.

Thursday - 08/03/06 - A Brave New World (Hurt Quad)

30 min run

Today I started training for Cross Country. I gave up my tri season early because with all the stuff going on right now I'm in no condition to peak until and I don't want to wait much longer before gearing up for cross.

It felt good to finally dedicate myself fully to running again. I think my training plan for the next month is pretty comprehensive but leaves plenty of room for recovery. I'm expecting to see a nice boost in performance by the end of the month.

I tried to do some light strides today but I did one at mile pace and felt my quad start to hurt. My stretching has been pretty lazy lately so I dropped the strides.

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