All I want to do is drink beer and train like an animal.
- Rod Dixon

I'm feeling rough. I'm feeling raw. I'm in the prime of my life.

Tuesday - 02/20/07 - Beating Myself Up

200 yrd w/u
100 yrd kick
200 yrd pull/drill
100 yrd kick
6X50 yrd @1:30 [36,36,36,37,39,40]
100 yrd kick
200 yrd pull/drill
100 yrd kick
200 yrd c/d

Total: 1,500 yrd

10Xdiamond pushups
5 chinups
6 pullups


A couple of good things happened in today's swim. This is great because last time I swam I just had a big fight with a friend and I was distracted and blew all my sets.

First I hit my fastest 50 of this season (a 36) three times in a row.
Also, the total time of my swim workout was a lot shorter (~40 min). Lastly, I stepped up my strength work.

The things I would like to see happen in the next few weeks is that I would like to cut down the rest in my 50s (I'm taking ~50s now!), reduce the spread in my 50's (all under 40s) and continue to lower my overall workout time. Since I only have a limited amount of time in between classes this last point is key to my being able to increase my yardage. I would like to be getting in 2,000 yrds before long.

I'm still pretty out of shape but I think I'm in better shape then last year (especially when you factor in that I won't be losing time for surgery) and coming off a great summer of racing so I have high hopes for what's coming up.

I think I already see a trend emerging in this phase of training. Over the past three years my training has been based on the philosophy that you don't have to kill yourself, just do a little bit every day. This was a result of my injury history with Compartment Syndrome. Now that I've moved beyond that I'm finding that I want to push harder. I'm still trying not to kill myself in my base but at the same time I'm not as conservative. I definitely feel like I'm more aggressive about increasing my sets.

We had a team meeting tonight to get ready for the OSU race weekend. I have no idea how I'll fare in the D's field.

I also bought my first upgrade for Golden Boy. A set of Shimano SPD 105 pedals. I bought them 3 weeks used off Bauman for $40 and they retail for about $90. They're a little more beat up than I would expect for 3 weeks but Bauman rides all the time and they still work better than what I got.

The bike is going to cost a lot this semester. I'm looking at a new cassette, chainrings (both ultegra) and tires. This is in addition to race fees and maintenance.

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