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Saturday - 03/10/07 - Mizzou Men's C Road Race Report

Mizzou Race Weekend
Men's D Road Race
34.2 miles
13th in 29

Never leave any mechanical work for the morning of the race. After an 8 hour drive that included Bauman's car completely dying and needing to be taken to a junkyard we finally arrived in Mizzou. By the time I got my new Shimano Ultegra chainrings (53/39), cassette (12/23) and chain on Golden Boy it was past midnight and I was exhausted so I went to bed and left just one simple little task for the next morning - changing my cleats from floating to no float.

No big deal right?

Fastforward - it's 10 min to the start of my race and I've got about 5 people from the team working on my cleatsand no one can get them on. Finally Dallas figures out that some of the bolts Bauman gave me with my cleats are too long (they're for Look cleats). So I take off on my bike in full kit and bike to the other teams's cars to ask for the most obscure possible part request - Shimano cleat bolts.

Finally we decide that I just need to switch shoes with someone. So about 5 minutes before the start of the race we figure out that Geo's shoes fit on me so we swap my pedals out for his and I get to the starting line about 1 min before the start. I ask everyone around me if this is the C's race (I had moved up from D's) just to complete my feeling of being a total jackass.

Of course Geo's pedals are Looks (which I've never ridden before) and as I was riding off he yells something about "the right pedal being a little hard to get into...

It took me about a mile into the race before I could clip in.

Anyway the race was pretty fun. C's riders don't take themselves too seriously so we talk it up and most of the race is pretty chill. I met a nice guy from Milwaukee. The Mizzou road course was great (we did three laps) with plenty of power climbs to thin out the field.

I chilled out for most of the 1st two laps. I did take a long pull when an Indiana kid tried to make a solo break. It was doomed but I got sick of looking at him so I went to the front and attacked pretty hard till we pulled him in and got a lot of nice jobs from the pack when we pulled him back in. I was almost popped after that effert but I recovered and move my way back up to the front of the pack.

On the 2nd half of the 3rd lap I got pretty agressive as our field melted to about 15 or so. I got antsy and confused and attacked a little earlier then I had planned to. The results is that I thinned the pack out a bit more but I hit the false flat on the course pretty beat and got popped maybe a mile from the finish.

I was pretty hard to finish just off the group and just outside of the points (12 deep). I think I popped an ass check though on the laast climb. I went off on my own and steched in complete agony for about 20 min to try and loosen my ass and upped hamstring out.

I was a little bummed after my race but I did my best to get over myself and cheer on my team.

It was a fun race though - I can't wait to get into shape and do some more.

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