All I want to do is drink beer and train like an animal.
- Rod Dixon

I'm feeling rough. I'm feeling raw. I'm in the prime of my life.

Week of 08/06/07 - Base Week

50 min run
~7 min pace
Federal Hill Runners

4X1000m, rest = 1 min
3+ miles
Total: 6 miles

This evening I was packing up my stuff to go to a workout with a local track club and realized I couldn't find my shoes. I thought about it a little bit and realized I had left them on a curb in Federal Hill the night before when I was changing in my friend's car after a group run.

So we drive to the workout and I take my friend's car to go to this place on falls rd that's supposed to be the place where all the runners get their gear. They also sponsor this running club. I walk in, grab the shoes I had before and hurry up to pay to get back to the track before the workout starts. Then the sales person says

"That'll be $134"

NO WAY they were that expensive when I bought my last pair - not even close. I blinked a few times and I'm pretty sure you could have seen flames flashing in my eyes.

So I figured I could spend an hour picking out a different pair of shoes. I would save some money but I would be pissed about missing the workout and would have to run later in the evening. If I bought the shoes I was out a shit ton of money but I would get to run the workout and I NEEDED to burn off some steam.

I bought the damn shoes.

I went to the workout too pissed off to warm up or stretch and just jumped right into the workout. No surprise I could only get through half the workout even though I should have been able to hang with the guys I was running with.

56 min run
~7 min pace
6x strides

~7 min pace
56 min run

2 hr ride

30 min run
~6:40 pace

2 miles @ 7:00
4 miles @ 6:20-6:30
1 mile @ 5:20
1 mile @ 8:00

Today Arjun and I went up to PA. to watch Tank race a crit in the last day of a two-day three-part stage race called the Tour of Christiana. He had a slow finish but raced real tough
(links to videos). That night Arjun and I did a "moderate" that night. I had to pull out in the two mile "tempo" which was probably too fast when my calf cramped on me about a mile into it. It felt like a good workout to add to my weekly schedule in theory because I need more moderate millage. I just need to tweak the paces a bit.

Run: 5 hrs
Ride: 2 hrs

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