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"Long Green Line" Movie

These guys were in our conference in HS so we had to race against them several times a year. They were an amazing sight and they really drove up the level of competition in our conference. My senior year the 4 of the top 10 teams in the state were from out conference of 7 schools. My junior year we beat them on the varsity level for the conference championship - the only team in the last 30 years that can claim that. (full disclosure: I was 8th man for both of those races so I unfortunately could only watch).

We used to rip on Joe Newton and York but it really is amazing just how BIG he's made HS XC and Track out there. There are few coaches who can create something like the team he had/has there.

(Props to Kelly Korevek for finding this.)

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  1. Watching York come to the state meet in limousines, you knew they weren't messing around.