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- Rod Dixon

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Big Wheel Races

So there is some car commercial now where some people race big wheels. Now I used to burn up the driveway on my earwig infested plastic speed machine back in the day long before I took to two wheelers. The smells of BBQ and my tires alight with unfortunate lightning bugs I could take my brother (3 years younger who had just learned to walk) to the pain cage in a 30 yd match sprint.

So when I saw this commercial I was pretty positive this was (1) a great idea (2) something we should do (3) on the internet. How am I batting? 3 for 3 my homies:

I've even got the course picked out:

From Roland Ave down to Falls Rd along Bellemore is .83M with a 273 ft drop. Bellemore is a pretty minor side street so I'm sure it will be closed at SOME point this summer for something. Breaking would be the biggest concern because if you went into Falls Rd on a big wheel you would die.

And that would totally mess up the brackets.

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  1. the dying part makes it simple; you live, you win.