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The Lifestyle: Ferrero Pocket Coffee

As Geo pointed out to me I did miss one important aspect of being a cyclist in my last Lifestyle post - coffee. Our races don't go off as early as triathlons or marathons but for whatever reason cyclists love coffee. It must be a 'euro' thing. As with all things cycling - the more elaborate and expensive the better. It should come as no surprise I've found many cyclists love espresso and the French Press.

Even if you don't ride but love/need/enjoy coffee - get your Visa card out...

Careful not to get espresso on your shirt.

Behold - Ferrero Pocket Coffee. This European milk chocolate confection is filled with espresso. Not espresso flavoring or extract - pure espresso. The word on the web is that about 3 chocolates = 1 single espresso. Rumor has it this candy is (understandably) popular in Europe among students, truck drivers and other needing to stay up way past their bedtimes.

My boss brought a couple of boxes back from Italy over the winter and shared them at a meeting. They were amazing. Delicious and potent.

You can order it from specialty stores through eBay and considering the price of an espresso - they're not too expensive. Otherwise, Trader Joe's makes their own version. Grab a box of those and a few bottles of Three Buck Chuck and you've got a great night ahead of you (may I recommend dance clubs).

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  1. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I am so visiting trader joes when I get to Madison this afternoon.

    This is such a good idea, words escape me.