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The Lifestyle: Cycling In London

Welcome To The Good Life

I was reading a little bit about London on Wikipedia to get ready for my trip to the England next week and I came across this article on biking in London. It begins:


Cycling in London has enjoyed a renaissance, particularly since the turn of the millennium. Cyclist's find that they enjoy a much cheaper, and often quicker, way around town than those travelling by public transport or car.

Over one million Londoners own bicycles but as of 2008 only around 2 per cent of all journeys in London are made by bike: this compares to other major European cities such as Berlin (5 per cent), Munich (12 per cent), Copenhagen (20 per cent) and Amsterdam (28 per cent).[1]. Nevertheless estimates indicate that there are now more than 500,000 cycle journeys each day in the capital -- a 91 per cent increase compared to that in 2000 -- which is even more remarkable considering 2007 was England's wettest summer on record since 1912.[2]


Yes, I am a dork and would visit Amsterdam for the bike commuting.

By contrast when I moved to Baltimore last summer I read an article in the Urbanite saying that there were only 5M of bike lanes in whole city. Things have gotten noticeably better in Bmore since then but I sure do miss the company of other riders on the street. Makes me think of Madison, WI where every fall the students are lined up 30 deep on their bikes at the traffic lights on their way to class.

This reminds me I should post some pics from the Hubs Of Fury Bike Bar Tour.

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