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News (Loosely Speaking): The Most Expensive Bike in the World

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that each of these 10 new bikes made by Scandinavian firm Aurumani are tied for the most expensive bikes in the world.

Though I'm probably not going too far out there when you consider that each bike is made of solid-fucking-gold (that's more solid that regular gold mind you) and encrusted with over 600 Swarovsky crystals (I'm not sure what those are but I'm going to guess they're worth more than the rhinestones in my DIY BeadDazzle kit).

Of course since they are identical all you would have to do is buy a
nicer set of tires (if you squint I think it looks like it's rolling on Michelin tires) to put the other 9 chumps into a gang-bang tie for 2nd.

The price tag? $80,000 and your dignity.

Update: I was mistaken the bike costs 80,000 EUROS! With the exchange rate on 09/17/08 that comes to US$112,968 - my bad.

Thanks to The Kris for the link.




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  1. The diamonds are gay, and they're probably blood diamonds anyway, but that bike is PIMP.

  2. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Only problem with it ... it's a fixie.

  3. the crystals are man mad diamonds.