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Race Report: Executive Stamped 5k

I've been mostly posting articles lately and not really writing anything personal for about 2 months now. In part I've been busy with work and roommate hunting. But I've also been busy doing all the things that I write about on this blog.

But now it's time for a race report!

I have a love/hate relationship with the 5k/3M. The 5k is by far the most popular type of road race. Combine that with the fact that we raced 3M races in high school cross and it's definitely the distance I have raced the most ever since I put down the sensible sport of soccer and started doing this running thing about 8 years ago (read: I got cut from the high school team).

Still I've never been wild about the 5k/3M because I always felt a little uncomfortable in the 5k. In a longer race like a 10M (the longest I've ever raced on foot) blowing up can mean miles of misery. But in 5K you're looking at less then 10 really awful minutes if you blow your load early. At the same time the 5k isn't like the mile where you can just go. I feel like there is about 12 min in the beginning of a 5k when you're just sitting there. Running hard for sure, but not as hard as you can. And then there is nothing to do but wait as it slowly and slowly gets harder. You hope people get bled out of the pack by the pace and otherwise try to set yourself up for a kick ... it makes me antsy.

Despite those feelings the Executive Stampede 5k last Sunday was an encouraging race for me. I was going for the elusive cherry picked W at a local 5k. I toed the line motivated by two quotes.

One if from our blog on the sidebar:
"I want to run as hard as I can. If I blow up, I blow up, it's not that big a deal. At the end of the day it's just running." ~ James Carney, USA 20km Champion
The other is just some shit Ryan says all the time:
"Dude, DBAP ... Don't Be A Pussy."
Clearly the goal was to go for the win - I left the watch in the car. It was a cool morning under cloudless skies. I felt like crap on my warm up as usual but I worked on making sure I got some hard efforts. Doing more sustained race-pace efforts in my warm up is something I recently read Bernard Legat talk about. I've started doing it and I feel a little sharper at the start of races because of it.

Things got off to an uneventful start, the usual flash-in-the pan runners took us out and were gone by 800m. My coworker Eddie had pointed out last year's winner to me so I just sat on him. The course was an out and back with only one real course feature - an overpass right before the turn around.

Going back over the overpass I decided that our pack of 6 was too many. I wanted to try and use the only course feature to my advantage and pushed the pace. It was a good move but I couldn't hold it. At 2M (supposedly at 10:50ish) I was at the back of the pack and had lost touch by 1k to go.

I pretty much crashed and burned the rest of the way in. When I came around the last corner I was surprised to see the clock read 17:05. I felt like I was crawling but at least I had a good reason now! Riding a burst of adrenaline I was able to kick it in for a 17:18 in 5th pace (5:35 mile pace).

As always happens when I try and show up for a low-key race and win the top 6 were all faster than last year's winner - go figure. But I was very happy with my time and place especially considering I ran 17:45 on the track about 6 weeks ago after coming back from England. I feel like my training has been moderate so far and I'm still 1:30 faster then last fall!

The team from my office all ran well (Eddie was only 2 sec back from me) and we won the educational division. Claire also ran well with a 20:02 which was good enough for 2nd woman. Here are the top results:

Place First Name Last Name Age Company Age Time Pace
1 Layne Party 1/53 AAI 48 16:57 5:28
2 Bill King 1/21 Ford Motor Credit 17 17:00 5:29
3 Keith Lucas 1/55
33 17:02 5:30
4 Billy Meredith 1/51 McCormick-Taylor, Inc. 28 17:03 5:30
5 Alex Viano 2/51 Space Telescope Sciences Instititute/JHU Physics & Astronomy 23 17:18 5:35
6 Eddie Bergeron 2/55 Space Telescope Sciences Instititute/JHU Physics & Astronomy 38 17:20 5:36
7 Justin Smith 3/51 Whitman, Requardt and Associates, LLP 22 17:40 5:42
8 Lucas Winters NA McCormick-Taylor, Inc.
18:18 5:55
9 John Harvey 4/51 AAI 21 18:27 5:58
10 Rick Stewart 3/55 LaFarge Cement 34 18:28 5:58
11 Elijah Giuliano 2/21 Space Telescope Sciences Instititute/JHU Physics & Astronomy 13 18:30 5:58
12 Tim Jahnigen 5/51 Science Applications International Corp. 29 18:39 6:01
13 David Griffin 2/53 McCormick-Taylor, Inc. 46 18:49 6:05
14 Graham Boardman 6/51 McCormick-Taylor, Inc. 26 18:54 6:06
15 Melissa MacEfe 1/36 PHH Arval 31 19:05 6:10
16 Charlie Hertz 3/21 AAI 18 19:32 6:18
17 Valentyn Dzitsiuk 7/51 AAI 29 19:34 6:19
18 Robert Harvey 8/51 AAI 22 19:36 6:20
19 Gary Landsberg 4/55 AAI 33 19:38 6:20
20 Bob Klasen 5/55 Whitman, Requardt and Associates, LLP 34 19:58 6:27
21 Dan Esser 3/53 Baltimore County 48 20:00 6:28
22 Claire Lears 1/33 Science Applications International Corp. 26 20:03 6:29

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