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Geek Out: Ceverlo P4 - You Don't Need a Girlfriend

Cervelo just unveiled it's new time trial bike. The P4 is supposed to be a step up from the P3 - already the most successful bike on the ProTour and Ironman circuit. Before I proceed have a look see on your own.

This bike going at a $6,800 MSRP when decked out in SRAM Red (which does not include the mandatory Zipp Disc/1020 wheelset , another ~$1,200) is almost enough to get me back into tri's. Even if I would have to raise my credit card limit by a few thousand - and sell my car. And empty my savings.

Like it said - almost.

I'm incoherent - still trying to soak in what I'm look at. Just enjoy the pics from the Cervelo site.

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  1. Anonymous11:59 PM

    Just wait till you see the new Trek TTX.

    It blows the Cervelo out of the water.