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The Lifestyle: Joggle My Balls?

"Welcome to the good life"

So I just have to share this Wikipedia link on joggling I found on my friends website with all of you. That's right, joggling. Jogging + Juggling. You know that guy you've heard about from a friend of a friend who juggles at marathons? Well, it turns out he's got some friends who are into the same thing. Apparently there are races, records and even a world championships. Actually, there is even a current battle "raging" for the joggling marathon record:
  • 2:50:09 September, 2007 -- Toronto: Michal Kapral (Canada);
  • 2:52:15 November, 2006 -- Philadelphia: Zach Warren (USA);
  • 2:57:39 September, 2006 -- Toronto: Michal Kapral (Canada);
  • 2:58:23 April, 2006 -- Boston: Zach Warren (USA);
  • 3:06:45 April, 2006 -- Boston: Michal Kapral (Canada);
  • 3:07:05 November, 2005 -- Philadelphia, PA: Zach Warren (USA);
  • 3:07:46 September, 2005 – Toronto, Canada: Michal Kapral (Canada);
  • 3:20:49 August, 2000 -- Karlsruhe, Germany, Paul-Erik Lillholm (Norway);
  • 3:22 1988 -- Salmon River, Idaho: Ashrita Furman (USA) ;
  • 4:04 1987 -- Los Angeles, CA: Albert Lucas (USA)
Pretty legit times! Sure, it's another one of those activities based on the fact that it's not too hard to be the best in the world at something if only a few hundred other people do it - but I'll save that line of reasoning for my rant about removing rhythmic gymnastics from the Olympics
(let's add an XC race! or cyclocross! or a sport!).

But hey, whatever makes you happy.

And I still can't believe some kid ran a 31 sec 200m while juggling...


  1. You are correct that at least one reason joggling is done is because we are not fast enough to compete with the fastest runners in the world. But it's really no different than separating older runners from younger ones or women from men.

    When I compete with my circle of friends (who don't joggle) I always try to beat them and do not consider the juggling as a handicap.

    I'm not a great runner and I'm not a great juggler. But in the world of joggling, I have the chance to be great. As I like to say, if you find what you're good at, no matter how stupid, go out and be great.

    Just your average joggler

    Perry, 44

    PS. The joggling records are not easy to beat now. A 2:50 marathon is way out of my league. The 50 mile record is still obtainable and the 100 mile record has yet to be set. I hope set the 100-mile joggling record next year.

  2. If you get rhythmic gymnastics taken out of the olympics, I will never forgive you.