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- Rod Dixon

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SOTW: No Handlebars - Flowbots

So it's been a while since I've posted a SOTW but I decided to bring it back. I decided to get things going again with the track by the flowbots - a group my friend Nate aka MC Homegrown turned me onto last summer. We were playing this track last weekend when I was back in Wisconsin for Homecoming so it seemed an appropriate choice.

I like the way the complexity of the samples build up throughout the song adding layers of beats, horns and strings. Lyrically, I love how specific and random the references are especially at the beginning of the song. The "story" arc is also really interesting veering from innocent and hopeful to megalomania and apocalypse in only a few minutes.

Oh right ... and the whole bike thing.

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  1. Greatest memory ever associated with this song: you hanging outside the passenger window, at 2 AM singing while drunk off your ass.

    Absolutely glorious.

    Side note, I think the song has a lot to say about arrogance, and the state of the country as well. But that's just what I got out of it. :D