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SOTW: Ugly Duckling - Left Behind

I'm not trying to only pick cartoon videos - seriously I'm not. I'm not sure how this keep happening but it just does. This weeks video came up on my Pandora "Hips and Hops" station as I was driving home this summer and I've been all about it since then. I'm usually not into West Coast groups (with the exception of J5) but Ugly Duckling is a great combination of creative flows, positive tip and rich samples over good beats. With a white MC named Andy Cooper and a DJ named "Young Einstein" this group is seriously lacking in "street cred" necessary to blow up as hip hop act but hopefully UD can stick around for a while as an underground staple. Check out their video "smack" for a hilariously satisfying burn on all the stupid gangsta hype in rap music today.

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  1. Mmmmmmm...

    They'll never be more than an "underground" (not a term i am particularly fond of) group. They've been in the game for a long enough time to have expanded a mainstream base if it were to happen.
    Check out "pick up lines" for a fun little tune with some good beats and flow.