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The Lifestyle: Hubs of Fury 3 - Executive Fury

Fall is ending, winter is setting in, and for those of us who don't do the whole marathon or cyclocross thing there really isn't much to do in the way of racing. But we need to do something out of the ordinary to fill the weekend. Such is our lifestyle. So with that as what I guess you could call motivation last Saturday we held the third installment in our Hubs of Fury series, HOF3: Executive Fury.

Before proceeding any further I want to clarify that "executive" in this case refers to the executive branch of the federal government. This spoofs the movie title "Executive Decision" just as HOF2: 2 Fast 2 Furious spoofed 2 Fast 2 Furious of the Fast of the Furious francise. I was hoping that by falling on the weekend after the presidential election (and an historic one at that) everyone would get the joke.

Anyway, there's on thing everyone got - drunk.

That's because we went to 7 bars!!! Mt. Washington Pub (Mt. Washington), Holy Frijoles (Hamden), Brewer's Art (Mt. Washington), ??? (Canton), Cat's Eye (Fells Point), Hull Street Blues Cafe (Locus Point), No Idea Bar (Federal Hill). All and all it was 16M of riding from 3pm to 2am for Mel and I on the TT bike (the tetanus tandem) *phew*.

It was the last warm day of the fall. The weather was mild and the leaves were gorgeous. Highlights included an intense Nacho eating contest, riding past my old house in Hamden, Dr. K riding the TT by himself from the back seat and the LSV "man time out" we gave tank in Canton. I have to compliment my decision to start of the evening with a delicious Jaritos Mexican soda which I am convinced enabled me to hold off my impending cold despite hours of drinking and biking.

But HOF3:EF was not without incident. Quite the contrary. On the transfer from Cat's Eye to Hull Street the following occurred: One rider popped. The chain on TT Bike dropped. There was quite a bit of quarreling as Arjun, Kirs and I all simultaneously tried to fix it in the middle of the street for about 10 min. Finally, Dr. K. pointed out a better solution and we fixed it in about 20 sec. At least 2 different sets of people crashed into each other resulting in two injured hands, one pair of ripped pants and one pair of peed pants. Here is one of the anonymous riders who went down:

Could we have been safer? Maybe I could have said a few words about moderation as I did at the first HOF? Maybe helmets or lights? Well as my sister once said after a weekend of partying with her friends at a DMB concert:
"We made some good decisions. We made some bad decisions. But they were all decisions and the important thing is that we made them."
Anyway some lessons were learned. Chrissy learned what happens when you only lock the front wheel of your bike - tank and Dr.K steal it.


  1. In fairness, I did encourage helmets and lights.

    We went to Mahaffey's in Canton.

    A few other things that should be pointed out, as they pertain to crashes and other funny things:

    Crash #1 - June Koshy, approx 200 feet from Mahaffey's. I alerted everyone to not cross the tracks in the road on the parallel but to wait. She does not listen and then crashes.

    Crash #2 - Ben Ingram; Alyssa Godesky, crash just past Ra on Lancaster. Ben had turned to hear what everyone was laughing about (some snide comment had been made to/about me) and crashed out him and Alyssa.

    Crash #3 - Kipchirchir Bitok, taken out by Melissa's friend on Key Highway. He stops in the middle of the road with traffic on both sides.

    Crash #4 - Although nobody saw it, Chrissie crashed while trying to ride her bike 10 miles back to Mt. Washington at midnight.

    Other things. Kip and Brennan decided to urinate while on the road that goes past Tide Point. When we gave Kip the heads up a car was coming, he pissed on his pants.

    Then we tried to go into New Mother's and as soon as we did the music actually stopped, which allowed everyone to focus their attention on how ridiculous me and Mike Zero looked. We promptly left when we could not even make our way to the bar. Too bad because there were some slamming chicks.

  2. Thanks for having me along. I'm proposing that kip's new nickname is "Miles Davis", if that doesn't make any sense go watch BIlly Madison. I'm also proposing two themes for HOF 4. HOF4: Mustache Ride. or HOF4: Drag Race. I guarantee that the first option will get the guys lots of play, and the second will probably get at least one of us killed.

  3. Nice recap; it makes me feel like I was there, watching Kip pee on himself.

  4. thanks for the anonymity ; ) i think we can agree that i win for the most embarassing pictures. Kendra is very proud.