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- Rod Dixon

I'm feeling rough. I'm feeling raw. I'm in the prime of my life.

My Training: Off Season Training

Well I've assembled something of a off season schedule for myself. I'm taking a slightly different approach this time and not making a rigid schedule since 1) it's the off season and 2) I'm a pretty spontaneous person and I like having room to adjust my plans. So instead of trying to plan all my workouts for the next 2 months I instead assembled a list of all the possible workouts I could do each day of the week. I then leave myself the freedom to pick among those workouts depending on the week. I certainly will never do all of the things listed. My options are as follows:

Run: 6M
Aikido: 1hr

Yoga: 1hr
Aikido: 2 hr
Ride: 1hr (commute)

Run: 7M

Aikido: 2 hr
Ride: 1hr (commute)

Aikido: 2 hr
Ride: 1hr (commute)

Aikido: 3 hr
Ride: 3hr

Aikdio: 2 hr
Ride: 2 hr

On a typical week in Baltimore I would expect to get in 2 runs, 1 bike commute, 1 weekend ride, 1 yoga session and about 8 hours of aikido (this includes core after class every other time). It's not a huge load but it is the winter, my options are limited and I'm enjoying myself. I'm hoping the aikido will help with my upper/core strength and flexibility.

One challenge to keeping this up is th at I will be out of town (and therefore off my bike) from Nov. 21st till Nov. 30th and again from Dec. 19th till Jan. 8th. Without biking that means my only 2 choices for cardio will be running and swimming.

Hopefully I can work out some kind of swimming schedule at the Y when I'm at home - loath to swim as I do I think I can handle it for a few weeks. While I'm home I'm going to try and do as much biking as I can and try and save my shins for running at home. The good news is that I ran 7M last night with the guys and my shins feel fine today.

The upshot is that I'm not going to try and maintain my fitness level over the winter. Instead I'm backing off and fully recovering mentally and physically. As Ryan and I were talking about last night - the fitness should come back quickly after so many years of training. So in a certain sense my shin injury coming back might be a bit of a blessing in disguise since it's forcing me to periodize my training more.
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  1. Wow, you're gone for a really long time.

    Once you've been in shape it's definitely easier to get back to that level, as long as you're committed to it. Ben whipped himself into great shape pretty fast this past year, and OJ is always able to turn it up when it's race time. The only factor is how motivated you are to do it.