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News: Update on Lance's Comeback

So I've loosely been following Lance Armstrong's return to professional cycling. He won a TT and 2 man TTT in Texas a few weeks ago. You can googlize that yourself if you want more details. He also podiumed at a cyclocross race in Las Vegas in September. Here is some good footage off of youtube:

So he doesn't win but that's fine. He's not a cross rider and he's hanging with guys who are in peak shape for their season. This reminds me of Kenesia Bekele disastrous attempt to beat Bernard Legat in the Wannamaker Mile at the Millrose games in 2006. Bekele came in 2nd by almost 5 sec and almost got nipped for 3rd. Since then Lagat has started racing the the 5k more and more where he hasn't been as successful against Bekele (and who has?) but I digress.

My point is that Lance is looking good considering where he is in his training right now. Someone on the UW cycling listserve raised the question about what kind of comeback will Lance make. Will he ride a respectable few years as a top Lieutenant for another GQ rider or will he throw it all down on the line and go for 8? Should be fun to watch either way.

Anyway if you want to check out some more sweet footage of cyclocross here's a trailer for a documentary called "Pure Sweet Hell" . It was all shot in black and white Super8 film. Definitely makes the sport look cool as hell:

And while we're at it here is a quality video from the 2007 Elite Cyclocross Nationals. Quotable highlight, "He's got the money and now he's in the getaway car".

Maybe someday I'll give cross a try...
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