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- Rod Dixon

I'm feeling rough. I'm feeling raw. I'm in the prime of my life.

SOTW: Girl Talk - Shut The Club Down

Sorry I'm a little late today with the SOTW. I was hunting around YouTube looking for this week's video and kicking around some ideas. I looked at some stuff from M83. A Cool new band from France getting some hot press. At first I was real excited by their explosion of synths and 80s vibe but after a while I stopped paying attention. The videos were cool in a kinda 16 Candles/Breakfast Club type way but not that hot. It's stuff I would listen to and even buy the album but it didn't really scream SOTW to me.

So I scanned the Pitchfork's most popular reviews and remembered Girl Talk. I remember my roommate for the 3 weeks I lived in Hamden had played me some of his stuff and I was hip to it. Good reviews on the new stuff. Hmmm - I clicked over to YouTube.

Ho - ly - Fuck.

I love GT more than I can explain. He does Mash Ups like the Gray Album (Beatle's White Album + Jay-Z's Black Album) that Danger Mouse put out in 2004. It's like listening to the entire Top 40 list at once sampled over the best of 80s and classic rock. It's like the best rap flows ever but over WAY better music in one 20 sec tangled burst after another. The scope of the samples is amazing. GT may actually know more about pop culture than my friend Ryan.

I was about 1/2 through this post when I was so overwhelmed I went over the website and downloaded the album. GT is doing the same pay what you like deal that Radiohead did with In Rainbows. For a paltry $13 I got the physical album (shipping included), plus the MP3 files and the album as one huge glorious mind-blowing MP3.

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