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- Rod Dixon

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Odds and Ends - Tank Has Funny Proportions

This picture is from last weekend's ITT down at William and Mary. Tank dropped 1:30 off his 20k time from this time last year. Nice job tank!

But what I really want to draw attention to is the fact that Tank's legs are the size of his torso and his arms are the size of his areobars. And sometimes he makes this face:

That's quite a pain face. My high school teammate Ian used to have a famous pain-face too. Even more memorable though was that Ian's dad would yell "POOL CUE" at all of us as we were finishing a race. The idea was that the finish was supposed to hurt more than a pool cue being shoved up your ass. Silly? Yup. But we kicked as hard as we could. And it sure did hurt.

So what do you think about when you finish your races? Placing? Qualifying for other races? Boy/girlfriends? Your training? Your Friends?

Pool cues?


  1. I just like how Tank has a gel in his shorts for a 20k race, aka less than 30 minutes of riding.

  2. Holy crap. HOLY CRAP. I desire to attain those legs. Oh yes, yes I do.

    The only thing I'm thinking about when I'm hitting that finish line ... is not letting the guy behind me catch up - or not letting the guy in front of me win. It's usually coupled with some kind of angry face and some kind of primal scream as well.

  3. The gel was for before the TT started, but i had some butterflies in my tummy so i decided against it. I should have dumped it, those 50 grams might have gotten me the extra 2 seconds i would have needed for a top 5 :-) Also, as it turns out, i was actually 2:31 faster than my time last year and only 15 seconds off pro Ben King's time last year, baller!

  4. when i ran the 800 with the wtc, for some reason we came up with the idea that the bell lap indoors was like a dinner bell...or something...honestly, i can't even remember where it came from, but the idea was that the last 200 meters was time to run like hell. in our last meet of the season with 200 to go, my teammate (who i was amazed to be ahead of in the first place) came shooting by me and just screamed "DINNERTIME!!!" i almost started laughing, but i also PRed by 3 seconds, so i guess it worked out.

    the key indicator of how much pain i'm in is how far my head is tilted to the right...

  5. Honestly? I am thinking about nothing. When I finish a BMX race, I am just leaving everything out on the track. I'm going too fast to think.