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SOTW: Heartbeats Double Feature

Hi everyone. I'm back from a week in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina with the UW Cycling Team and the ISCorp Cycling Team. Lots and lots of stories and pics to follow this week. Highlights include streaking, 12M climbs, 40+ mph descents, lots of mechanicals, crashes (not me thankfully), Thunderdome fights, margaritas, ice cold streams, an ugly jersey contest, a facial hair contest and mid-ride PBRs.

But before going into all that I wanted to start off the week right (if a bit late) with a special double edition of the the SOTW. This week I'm giving you not one but TWO version the song Heartbeats. The first video is the original version by Swedish band The Knife. The second video is a cover by Jose Gonzales. As sometimes happens when a (relatively) big name artisit covers a smaller artist the cover (which most people assume to be the original) becomes more popular that the original. But I'll let you decide which one you like better. Here the is original by The Knife to start:

The skateboarders in original are pretty sweet and strangely hypnotizing to watch. I've been into synth lines lately so I dig the big electronic sounds coupled with Karin Dreijer Andersson voice which I find slightly reminiscent of Bjork. A very cool sound. Now here's Jose Gonzales' cover:

I think Jose Gonzales does a great job of covering this track. It's a great performance on its own but the fact that he was able to extract such a tranquil idea from the energy of the original adds another significant level of enjoyment to the piece. Visually, cover offers a similar parallel with just a simple live stage setup in contrast to the motion and effects of the original.

When I play the piano covers are one of my favorite things to play. As a piano player they're a necessity since there isn't that much pop music written for the piano (you get tired of Elton and Billy REAL fast). But beyond that it's lots of fun to play with ideas, slow songs down, speed them up, change the groves, write new melodies - you can cook up some crazy stuff.

Anyway, I think this is a great pairing of videos. Visually and musically they offer nice variations on a theme and has given me an idea to try something similar next week. I hope you enjoy!

Lastly, thanks everyone so much for reading and commenting lately. This blog has been getting 20+ hits a day for the last couple of months. It's been fun to write and your comments make it even more enjoyable! Hopefully I've gotten you through more than a few slow afternoons at your job.

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  1. What job?

    Man, you REALLY didn't like descending prior to this trip, did you? I freaking love it.