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- Rod Dixon

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Odds and Ends - Why Not To Ride Cheap Bikes (video)

Wow. That's amazing. If you watch closely you can see the fork extend just a little as he leaves the end of the ramp which means he had shocks on the bike. So even with shocks, which no matter how shitty still absorb some of the impact, this guys head tube completely shears away from the rest of the frame. On something like a 3 ft drop. And listen to the sound the bike makes when it hits the ground. It sounds about as solid as a coffee can.

This is why when people say "oh but you would never ride a Kmart bike - you're too serious for that" I always tell them I would never ride a department store bike because they're not safe.

And this is why.

But Dr.K has actually done some trials riding (basically bike stunts) maybe he has something to add?

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