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SOTW: Langhorne Slim - Rebel Side of Heaven

Hey Everyone. It was good weekend of racing up in Philly last weekend w/Tank and the rest of the Kelly Benefits/ LSV team. Updates and pictures to follow this week but let me say right now that green apple flavored powergel tastes like sour piss - never buy it much less put it in your mouth.

Meanwhile while I was racing up in Philly Team TWSS crushed the Cherry Blossom 10M down in DC. I'm very proud of them as we once again showed that we don't run we run this shit.

It was a great weekend for many of us and since it's Moday again it's time to introduce the SOTW. This week I picked Rebel Side of Heaven by Langhorne Slim off his eponymous April 2008 release. Here it is:

I had heard of Langhorne Slim last summer when WTMD was given him a lot of publicity just before he was going to play at one of their free concerts in Mt. Vernon. I didn't make it to the show but I found his stuff just last week on a coworker's iTunes library and checked it out. It's great stuff!

Despite hailing from Brooklyn, NY Langhorne (Sean Scolnick) has a great gritty folk sound that reminds me of some of the other artists I've gotten into in the last year such as The Wood Brothers, Ryan Bingham and Deer Tick. The horns and piano add nice color to the track but even if it were just an acoustic chart this song would be a win with it's big shout along lyrics and foot-stomping beat.

And though we have sinned
All of our lives
We ain't going to hell
We're going to the rebel side of heaven.

Have a great week everyone. Thanks for reading.

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