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- Rod Dixon

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Race Report: 1st Annual TWSS Beer Mile

Beer Mile Race Report
Sunday, May 17th 2009
6:30 PM

Immediately following BikeJam, Dr. K and Tank participated in a beer mile with our runner/triathlete friends in the Raven's Stadium parking lot off Ostend under 395 (I think). For those of you not familiar with the format of the race you drink 1 beer and run 1/4 of a mile. Repeat 4 times. You can't drink and run at the the same time. Costumes are encouraged. Failure to keep the beer down results in a penalty lap of another beer and another 1/4 mile.

The runners and triathletes were in the first heat and were pretty impressive with a Arjun going 7:30, and Brennan going 8 min and most everyone being under 10 min. Costumes included a Ben in a panama hat and sweatsuit, Jen in a purple skinsuit and a smattering of short shorts.

Tank, Dr. K and I were in our own "cyclist heat". Tank hadn't run in 6 months since his marathon and was clad in running shorts and a tank top. Dr K. has allegedly run 10 miles in the last 9 years and was running in a pair of vans and a pair of electric orange shorts that materialized out of nowhere. I busted out my old college trisuit to complete the motly crew.

Tank and Dr. K were much faster drinkers than me but since I run once a week I wasn't as "wobbly" on land as they were. Turns out that didn't matter. On the first 2 cans they put about 45 sec on me but I made up most of it on the run. However, on lap 3 I discovered that I can hold EXACTLY 3 cans of beer in my stomach - no more. In hindsight the PowerBar ProteinMAX bar I ate 30 min before the race was probably a bad idea.

The results was strangely reminiscent of bike race. Tank and Dr. K shot off ahead while everyone else yelled "come on Alex - don't get lapped don't get lapped!". I got lapped but they were not pulling anyone that day and had to finish. So I did finally find room for that 4th but I think I did so by topping off my esophagus. Dr. K and Tank came in sprinting in at 8:11 and 8:16 while I staggered cross-eyed over the line at 13 something minutes. I sadly clocked the slowest time of the day - several minutes behind even a puking Ben.

It was a good day.

(Thanks to Ryan for the pics)


  1. last place alex? i thought we taught you to drink better than that on 4A. although in all seriousness, it would probably take me a lot longer than 13 minutes. one of my dreams in life is to participate in a beer mile...i think i may have to play host to the first annual WTC beer mile this summer.

  2. It's the Arjundar Beer Mile! After all, it was his birthday!

  3. Yeah, no lie. Not only was it his Birthday; he was also the Champ.