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Race Report: Turkey Hill Country Classic Cat4/5 Road Race (w/Pictures)

Turkey Hill Country Classic Cat 4/5 Road Race
Saturday, May 2nd, 2009
Lancaster, PA
Race #5

(Note that I'm doing my race reports out of order)

The Turkey Hill Country Classic was a great open 25M road course in Lancaster County, PA. Kelly Benefit Strategies had a great day in all the fields but especially cleaned up in the Cat4/5 field. Led by Scott Young in his last race before moving up to Cat3 we got on the front and stayed there finishing with riders in 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th and 11th (me!). Here are the top 15 out of 62:

1 110 Mark Buyyounouski unattached
2 173 Scott Young Kelly Benefit Strategies/Lsv
3 153 Levi Renno Kelly Benefit Strategies / Lsv
4 121 sam forsyth /
5 168 Daniel Villaflor Route1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle
6 133 Brett Katzen Kelly Benefit Strategies/Lsv
7 139 Brian Maclean Lateral Stress Velo
8 151 Joseph Petruso spinners cycling
9 130 bryan hitch main line cycling
10 108 Timothy Brown The Bike Rack
11 167 Alex Viana Kelly Benefit Strategies/Lsv
12 118 Nick DeAngelis Ccv-Hotfootcycles/Ironhill Race Team
13 174 Luke Zagurski /
14 117 Omari Daughtridge Ncvc/Inova Health System
15 112 Grayson Church The Bike Rack

Earlier in the day Tank picked up 8th in the Cat3 race and is now just a 5 points from getting his Cat2 upgrade.

Before my race Tank gave me the usual reminders that he's been giving me for the past 2 years about getting off the back and so on but I cut him off. I told him I was "done with that shit - I'm done." Spring Break helped me pick up the handling skills I needed to feel comfortable and getting dropped in the Cat3/4 race 2 weekends before showed me how aggressive I need to be about holding my position. Leading up to this race everything clicked and I knew what I needed to do.

I had a fun race and stayed right about 2/3rds of the way up the pelaton for the entire race. Moved to the front a couple times a lap but drifted back each time. Scott was doing a ton of work but that's how he likes to ride - keep the intensity high for everyone else.

The finish was a series of 2 or 3 100m powerclimbs followed by a ~1,500m straight to the finish. I was able to move up and position myself nicely coming off the climbs. I sat in about 10th on the yellow line about 2 rows back. Having gone out too soon in the few times I was in a position to sprint I held on for a bit but it was a bit too long.

The entire left side of the road came around me boxing me in and suddenly I was closer to 30th place and about 4 rows back from the front. Then the sprint started and I was boxed behind a couple of guys who didn't have it and just sat up.

Fortunately it was long sprint. I went around a couple of guys before winding my way all the way over to the right gutter. Seeing some openings I then made my way all the way across to the left gutter! I was feeling good that day because when I finished I was still accelerating and passing people. I could have placed higher if I had positioned myself better but that's part of the game.

But I do have to say that I have accomplished my season goals though. I am more confident descending, cornering and racing now. It's a noticeable change in attitude and expectations about my racing and I think it'll yield improved results . As I put it I finally have my "head on straight". There's more to be worked on but I've made it past my biggest barriers that were holding me back.

Finally some pics:
  • Here we are ready to roll out.
  • Here is a series of 4 pics with me on the left side.
  • 3 pics of Kelly Benefits dominating the Pelaton.
  • Another set of 3.
  • Tank Walking Around in his kit:
Sorry I've been posting less but things have been busy/stressful. Thanks for reading!

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  1. 2 things

    1) Change your calendar on the right side of your blog to your 2009 events

    2) On what downhill in baltimore county did you manage to accrue speeds of 50mph? There is only one that I can think of that I've attained 47+ around here. I'd be interested to know which yours was.