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The Lifestyle: Bikes As Art

Lance Armstrong's Twitter feed tipped me off to a cool exhibit that took place last month at the Armory in NYC. Yes, the same Armory where Jum, Claire, Ryan and I unwittingly ran in a gay (literally) track meet sponsored by the NY chapter of Front Runners in 2008.

Thinking back it was great meet. Ryan found an old track singlet on display there that said something like "Skeeter" which I pretty sure was one of his highlights for that year. I nipped under 4:50 in the mile and Arjun dropped a frightening 60 sec 400m to close out a 4:30 mile. Claire ran well and got some pizza. Good times.

Anyway, here are some pictures and text I lifted from HypeBeast
The massive artist-driven bike initiative STAGES involving Lance Armstrong and TREK has hit The Armory in New York. In what is the last stage of the global touring bike showcase, this is among the last opportunities to check out the exclusive bike designs which include contributions from Shepard Fairey, Kenny Scharf, Marc Newson, Yoshitomo Nara, KAWS, and Damien Hirst. The event also created in association with Nike Sportswear will conclude on October 22nd with the auction taking place on November 1st in benefit of the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

For those of us who have invested thousands into a road bike and especially those of us who have built up a bike before understand how a bike can be a work of art. From crisp white bike tape, to glossy carbon components to the most minute accents like colored cable ends and spoke nipples. But these bikes take the beauty of bike building to the next level with their elaborate frame patterns.

Personally, I know I've looked at many a mechanically impressive bike and thought "yeah ... but it just looks so boring". I mean if I'm going to be riding a bike that's worth a couple of grand I also want it to look like it. What tops the feeling of climbing onto a shined and detailed hot-looking bike on a nice summer day?

Still, on the other side of the coin as I was admiring the sweet paint jobs in this exhibit there was a little voice in my head going "ohhhh ... they're running SRAM Red. Very nice".

Thanks for reading everyone. Have a great Halloween/NYC Marathon weekend.


  1. Funny, only we would wish someone a happy NYC Marathon weekend, and only we would consider that an appropriate greeting. It's like Christmas to me.

  2. The bike I carried in my car sold for over $100,000.

    I'm amazed at how much was raised, that's absolutely fantastic!