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- Rod Dixon

I'm feeling rough. I'm feeling raw. I'm in the prime of my life.

SOTW: Dan Reeder - Havana Burning

Damn. What a great weekend. Halloween was a blast, with great costumes including Dr. K (Abe Lincoln), Koshy (Troy Palumalu) and Zero, Elf and Brennan (Sigmund, Freud and White Tiger). My personal favorite goes to Alyssa for her fully functional Franzia box.

Of course we can't forget the great NYC Marathon performance by Mel who powered through an off day with a smile on her face. Or the absolutely amazing 12th place (3rd Americana) finish by Chrissy who was blazing across the finish line with a 2:44 at about the same time as I was shuffling around my room looking for pants so I could get to aikido. Puts one's life in harsh perspective eh?

Well since it's Monday and it's back to work. Hopefully these tracks will help ease the feeling of disorientation on the first day of daylight savings as you drive to work in the sunlight and watch the sun start to set at 3:30.

A couple of weeks ago Pandora started playing some songs by Dan Reeder on one of my more folksy stations. I loved his simple melodies, creative lyrics and vocal delivery. Here is a tri of his songs:

To me, there's something profound about his nonsense topics the 50-some year-old expatriot living in Germany chooses. The details are crisp enough to be rich while the message (is there is one) is left up to listeners interpretation. His voice and guitar playing aren't flashy but rather perfectly suited for his style - an easy resonate voice and clean guitar picking. You can find his work on the Oh Boy Records label.

I find myself humming his stuff a lot lately, especially this section from Havana Burning:

And if I had a pistol
I could join a revolution
Just like Che
Imagine me
Hunkered down low in the sugarcane
Watching Havana burning

Looks like a nice cool dry week ahead of us - great weather to get some training in. Have a great week and I'll see everyone this weekend at HOF5: Dead Man Riding.

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