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- Rod Dixon

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Blogroll Update: Velocorapture (Claire)

Oh the lovely Claire. First of all how sweet is her blog name; Velocorapture. velocity + velocipede + velociraptor + fuck yeah + rap + hip hop + rapture = velocorapture. Fucking brilliant!

Claire races MTB at the Formula - un level. Her description of her beginning in cycling is eye-popping:
I bought my first mountain bike, a Gary Fisher Big Sur, in April 2007. I taught myself to ride on Milwaukee’s River Trail, and began racing [Wisconsin Offroad Racing Series] in May, 2007. I rode in tennis shoes on platform pedals for my first race. My Sidi shoes arrived the day before my next race; I rode clipped in for the first time and took second. The first time I won a WORS race was at Crystal Ridge, in the mud. By the end of the 2007 season, I’d won a couple more times, and finished first woman overall in the Sport series. I upgraded to Expert for my last race of that season.

In case you missed that, time between buying a mountain bike to racing in the highest MTB catagory; about 6 months, with a handful of race wins along the way.

In case you don't feel a bad enough about yourself after reading that, Claire also has a Ph.D. in neurobiology (which took me three tries to spell). She also accidentally became a writer for Velonews (full story on her blog). If that wasn't enough she is also a pretty sweet photographer:

I mean she's got nothing on Gehling's Microsoft Paint skills but she's doing alright for herself.

Claire is in Baltimore every now and again for work so hopefully someday we can get her to come out for a beer with TWSS. Tank and I are looking forward to hangin' with her on spring break this year. I'm going to try and cram my 29er in tank's toaster so hopefully she can show me how to hold it down like a bauws on the trails.

So go read her blog.

Bitches, Brennan and Mel -- get to postin', your blogs are getting shouted out soon!


  1. "I'm going to try and cram my 29er in tank's toaster"

    Man that is just filthy.
    Just doing my part to bring other parts of the interwebs down to my level.

  2. I'm going to try and cram my 29er in tank's toaster

    Dr. K stole the words right out of my mouth