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SOTW: Skinny Love - Bon Iver

[The SOTW playlist on the sidebar provides free and legal streaming of songs via However, artists and labels can request that their material be removed from the site. The result is that songs can disappear from the playlist after I have selected them. This seems to affect newer and more popular songs more often older more obscure material. The upshot is that tracks may "mysteriously" disappear and reappear as they are removed and I replace them. Bear with me and I'll keep an eye on it. As always you can check out this week's artist on their website.]

I think I said most of what I wanted to say about Bon Iver on last Friday's well-received post on minimalism and experience vs possessions. After I posted it I was surprised to discover that I have actually never posted a SOTW by Bon Iver. Thinking back on it, when I first heard his music in 2009 I remember thinking that his layered-falsetto was too much of an acquired taste to post.

I've since changed my mind.

Bon Iver post out a nice little EP called Blood Bank in 2009 with a cool track called Woods which I almost picked in order to bring you his "latest" stuff. But instead I'm going with one of my personal favorites, Skinny Love, off his 2008 debut For Emma, Forever Ago. The record made several "best of 2008" lists and recent reappeared on many "best of the decade" lists. Though I never did get around to writing a part II of my favorite albums of the decade, this album would be an honorable mention at worst.

Thanks for reading --- have a great week.

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